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Standby offers interventions to young people aged between 11-25 years who have been arrested and released on bail/pending investigation, received an NFA Outcome or are exiting an order and need further support.  The referrals will be made by custody-based services such as Youth Offending Prevention Team, St Giles or Birmingham Liasion and Diversion Criminal Justice Service.   Much like Peer Hearing participation is voluntary,  it has a holistic approach allowing the presented young person to have a voice and feel a part of the support being offered to them.  Young people who are in these circumstances can often feel like they are unable to move their lives forward we are hoping to be able to support them through this time.

To young people referred, Standby would look like the image below:

standby image for website.png

In a similar way to Peer Hearing, Standby service inner workings are quite complex, Jonah's Project will act in the capacity of a roundabout connecting services and creating wraparound support for the presented young person.  We will support all parties to help divert and prevent the presented young person from re-engaging with the criminal justice system.   The difference is that young people will not attend the actual peer hearing unless they feel a motivational chat with peers would be beneficial.

This is how the referral process for Standy will work in practice.

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