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An event for funders interested in supporting Birmingham's young people at risk of or involved in criminality through community engagement.

About this event

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, Jonah's Project CIC, and BVSC are inviting funders to find out how they can further support Birmingham's young people in the criminal justice system through community engagement.

Peer Hearings offer an innovative route away from the criminal justice system for young people aged 11 -25 in some of Birmingham's most disadvantaged communities who have been arrested for a summary offence with 'no further action' taken.

Young people voluntarily engaged in the Peer Hearing intervention pathway will be connected to a wide range of local Voluntary and Community activities (e.g. sport, arts, faith, volunteering) and provided with support to tackle the root causes of their behaviour through self-reflection, mentorship and, if needed, therapy.

The aim is not only to divert them from further offending, but also to enable them to engage with, feel connected, and contribute to their local communities.

Peer reviewers on the Peer Hearing panels are volunteers of similar age to the young people, who will receive continuous training and support, including from Peer Hearing staff. Through the process, they also have the opportunity to build skills and contribute to their community.

Local Voluntary, Community, Faith, and Social Enterprise sector organisations as well as partners from the public and private sectors will also be involved in providing support to all the young people involved.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner have already agreed to provide funds for Peer Hearings from the commissioning budget. However, further funding support is needed for the project to be delivered.

To attend the event please register at the link below:

Event Agenda:

- Keynote introduction – Assistant Police & Crime Commissioner Tom McNeil

- What is the Peer Hearing?

- Q&A about Peer Hearing

- Business plan

- Evaluation plan

- Q&A – next steps, what do you need from us

For More Information:

• Visit Jonah’s Project CIC website:

• Get Involved as a Partner: This event is for funders, but if you are not a funder, but a Voluntary, Community, Faith, or Social Enterprise sector organisation or another partner interested in joining the Peer Hearing as an intervention pathway, please visit Jonah’s Project CIC website; email or call on 07384409747

• Contact Elizabeth Goodchild, Strategic Partnership Manager, BVSC at if you have any further questions/ would like further information about the event

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